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SSMS provides proven expertise in technology optimization that enables your organization to focus on increased productivity and profitability. Through a portfolio which expands across multiple verticals, SSMS engages with clients in all aspects of their technology lifecycle.


SSMS concentrates on your planning, deployment, implementation and adoption strategies. Our goal is to contribute readiness to your workforce through knowledge transfer leveraging the assets you invested in.

Device Deployment

SSMS is capable of meeting a large variety of client mobility technology deployment needs. By identifying and securing the proper resources we are able to effectively engage with all teams involved. Our highly skilled resources will accelerate your deployment while providing a seamless transition.

Integrated Implementation

Throughout the process of moving your idea from concept to reality challenges may occur. Here at SSMS we have highly qualified trained professionals who pride themselves in delivering quality services. New or older technologies, no problem, SSMS is committed to providing a successful implementation which reducing risk.

Assured Adoption

Users are unconsciously competent and use new systems as a matter of routine. With continuous training and education you can elevate the user's competency leading to higher adoptions through greater user experiences. SSMS is equipped with skilled personnel to reinforce knowledge retention wile ensuring that your system is used in an optimized way.